Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberry & Mint Flavored Water

Hey Everybody! I don't know what the summer has been like so far where you live, but it has been super hot and sticky here in Maryland! Pretty much the only thing I want to be eating in this weather is ice-cream and lots of it, but since I can't exactly do that all day long, this is another (healthier!) way to stay cool (and hydrated!) - flavored water! There are so many different things you can add to your water - lemon & lime slices, cucumber, blueberries, basil or strawberries and mint, like this one! It's super refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day like today!


Water (obviously!)
Ice cubes
Quartered Strawberries
Mint Leaves

The directions are pretty self-explanatory here.... just mix all the ingredients in a glass! Or you could make flavored ice cubes instead; for that, just fill your ice cube tray with chopped fruit and herbs and top with water and freeze, then add to your water!
Have a great week, Everyone!
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  1. this looks great and I have everything here! Guess what I'm drinking today?

  2. What a refreshing combo. I have mint growing in my container garden and strawberries in the fridge.I'll be making this today. Have you linked this recipe up to #theWeekendSocial linky. We party till 9:00 PM EST Sunday night. Love to see this at our "get together"!

  3. Me again! Just followed you on Pinterest, Twitter and Bloglovin. Great to connect with you! :)


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